MARSHMALLOW is a city brand of products and fashion accessories, born of the passion for women, together with the global trends.The collections are differentiating either by design or by your materials and finishing details.


Marshmallow is a lifestyle and accessories brand, inspired by passion and essence of city.



Marshmallow collections feature trendy and feminine prints and interesting graphics. Floral prints are abundant in our fashion collections.



Metropolitan girls and women, with a classic and trendy sensibility, value uniqueness and want to feel special.



Marshmallow image is inspired by passion, it has a beautiful and fresh image, youthful and the essence of the brand is featured by: passion, happiness and freedom.



Marshmallow Concept Showcase
Marshmallow Concept Showcase
Marshmallow Concept Surprise your mother
Marshmallow Concept Week's Surprise
Marshmallow Concept Chill Sundays
Marshmallow Concept Check Mother’s day
Marshmallow Concept Hey new!
Marshmallow Concept Welcome april

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